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Suellen Says: When I first heard about this, I was sure it wasn’t going to help me. I tried suppplements, acupuncture, massage, pharmaceuticals and any other fly by night products that said it would help. But I have a friend that uses it and she has MS and Crohn ‘s disease. She swears by Plexus Triplex. Sooo... What the heck, why not. So three days after I started taking it the IBS Relief that I have suffered with for 10 years seemed to just disappear.

I am Suellen Wilshe a Plexus Ambassador, and its been great since I started the program as well. You know the saying guys, happy wife happy life, and if you need, or have friends that need (IBS) Relief help call helpline 336-244-9177.

Christina Williams: My name is Christina Williams, and I'm a Senior Ambassador with Plexus and that just means that I've helped a lot of people feel and look their very best using our products. Someone has cared about you enough to share this video with you today because they think that TriPlex is going to be the answer to some very, very common ailments that people struggle with for many years. Just about anything that you can think of that you struggle with can be traced back to either gut health, blood sugar balance, inflammation, or combination of the three. And our TriPlex combo really drills down and gets to the root issues behind most common problems.

I'm talking chronic headache, sluggishness, low energy, digestive issues, sugar cravings, really anything that you struggle with can be traced back to those root issues. So what can you do about it? Well I'm glad that you asked. So scientists have called our gut our second brain, and it's because it's so incredibly powerful. The reason that it’s that way though is because of the culture and the environment that we live in. So for instance, you're born with a little bit of bad bacteria in your gut.

The only reason that scientists can find for that bad bacteria to be there is to decompose your body when you die. Well because the antibiotics and the meat that we eat and the foods that we eat and the environment that we live in, just the standard American lifestyle, we have fed that bad bacteria to the point that it begins to grow and multiply and kind of do its job early. So it begins to poke holes in the lining of your gut.

In the toxins that are supposed to stay sealed up nice and tight in your gut begin to leak out. And then wherever they settle that's where the symptoms are going to manifest. So what can you do about it? Well the first thing that you have to do is you have to address the bad before you can just put in the good. Okay, so probiotics are all the rage right now, right? Everybody wants to go and get the best probiotic and they're just going to, you know, take these expensive hundreds of dollars of probiotics and they're going to feel better, except it doesn't work that way.

It would be like taking the very best grass seed and sprinkling it in this huge field of weeds and expecting that that grass seed is going to take root and grow. Now you guys know the weeds will choke out that grass. It can't thrive there. You have to address the weeds before you can go and plant the good stuff. So that's where our TriPlex combo comes in.

One of the products I want to talk to you about first is ProBio 5. It is one of our probiotics and it's different than most probiotics on the market, because not only does it have all of the good stuff that your body needs, all the good bacteria. It also has several strands of digestive enzymes that can actually break through the shell, the lining of the bad bacteria that's already in your body. The bacteria in your body has an outer lining kind of what similar to the shell on a shrimp.

So you have to have power to break through that lining to ever get to the bad bacteria that lies underneath. When you expose that bad bacteria, then your body can fight it off and break it down. And that is what ProBio 5 is so good at doing. People who have been on probiotics for years and years and years and never have noticed a difference notice such a difference when they're using a probiotic that super affected at breaking down the bad while also depositing the good, I love ProBio 5.

ProBio 5 has best friend called BioCleanse. Don't let the name cleanse scare you. It's not a colon cleanse. It is not going to be something that makes you run to the bathroom uncontrollably. It's a really good bioavailable form of magnesium which has something that most of us are deficient in and magnesium is critical for over three hundred chemical processes in your body. Lots of them have to do with digestive issues, digestive processes.

So most people think that going to the restroom once a day, twice a week, every other week is normal and okay, and that is not the case. If you feed your body several times a day, your body should be eliminating several times a day. And so BioCleanse comes along and allows your body to do just that. ProBio kind of cleans the toilet, and BioCleanse helps you to flush the toilet, okay. So you're going to break down all the bad stuff and then BioCleanse is going to help your body to push out all that yucky stuff.

Going to the restroom multiple times a day is super, super important. So BioCleanse, it's an oxygenated form of magnesium which means when you take it your oxygenating your body. Bad things cannot thrive in a highly oxygenated environment, so this is working for your whole body, your whole system to allow you to feel and look your very, very best. These two go hand-in-hand, I love them, never live without it.

Okay, so that brings us to the red Drink. red Drink is all the rage, everybody loves it. Slim is literally changing people's lives, okay. It was originally created for Type II diabetics to help them with a healthy glucose metabolism. Looks like this comes in a stick pack. You just tear it open, mix it in a bottle of water, shake it up, good to go. Well, Plexus has made Slim even better. Okay, we have a Microbiome Activating version of our red Drink. So you get all the benefits of balancing your blood sugar, improved sleep, sustain the lasting energy without jitters or crashes, overall well being. All of those are still in this stick of Slim. But for the Microbiome Activating Slim, they've added an XOS prebiotic to this packing.

What does that mean? It means that there’s stuff in here to feed the good bacteria that you're getting from here. So we're breaking down the bad bacteria, we are depositing good bacteria and now we're feeding that good bacteria while balancing our blood sugar. It's like, you know, three punch combo. It's amazing. So with Slim, you're going to drink it in the morning, you're going to feel your best throughout the day. Your body was not designed to have sugar spikes, sugar crashes, sugar spikes, sugar crashes, that was not how your body was designed. I know since I'm not a diabetic, I never recall being concerned about blood sugar balance.

I have no idea that everybody needed to work on maintaining a balanced blood sugar level and that's exactly what the red Drink does. People are noticing benefits from so many ailments. Mamas are able to get off the couch and play with their babies again. It's just really been a life changing product, I love it. But Plexus listens to people and so there are people who have weight loss goals. Now let me tell you right now. I'm a true believer that weight loss is simply a side effect of balancing your body. So if you use this TriPlex combo consistently, your body can shed the extra weight that it's carrying. Okay, it absolutely can. Weight loss is not some mysterious idea. Weight loss comes when your body is functioning the way that it's supposed to. When your body is not having to hang on to fat cells for the nutrients that it's needing.

Okay, so when you give your body what you need, your body can get rid of the excess weight. But let's say that you struggle with portion size or control over your food choices, well Plexus was listening and they have actually given you an option. So you have Microbiome Activating Slim and now you also have Hunger Control Slim. Same benefits of balancing blood sugar, but instead of having the XOS prebiotic they have replaced it in this version of Slim with an added polydextrose which is a really soluble fiber and it's going to allow your body to attract and soak up water which gives you a fuller feeling in your stomach for a longer periods of time. This is going to mean reduced portion size, appetite control, less snacking between meals.

It's just going to really give you a hand up if weight loss is one of your main goals. So now when you get started with TriPlex, you have a choice. Do I want to do Microbiome Activating Slim, do I want to do Hunger Control Slim, or do I want to use the two of them together? I absolutely love that Plexus is listening to its people giving them options and you guys – I use Microbiome Activating Slim in the morning, so that I'm feeding the bacteria that I'm using from ProBio 5, I want to feed the good stuff. And then I'm using hunger control in the afternoons. I'm a nursing mama, okay, I'm super busy and so this just gives me control over that mindless snacking that I might do. So I love all of them together and you can totally choose to work this combo however you want to.

So get with whoever shared this video with you. Plexus absolutely can change your life if you allow it to, so there's nothing in your way except you. Bye guys.

Above is Tiffiny Hollins and she suffered for 12 years from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but after no more than just a week of taking Plexus Triplex shee was much better. She wasa a typical victim of the gut problem. Thanks Tiffany.

Tiffany Collins: Hi. My name is Tiffany Collins, and I hope everything has been going great so far on the Slim experience that you guys are doing. So today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about my Plexus journey and why I started Plexus. So I actually did not start with the Slim product. I started with the Probiotic, the ProBio 5.

The reason I started that was because I have had what I would call debilitating IBS for probably about 20 years ago. It got really bad when I was in college and, you know, I tried to manage it with diet and exercise. I went to the doctor. I got told that there was nothing I could do for it, just to try and manage my symptoms with pain pills and take fiber, and that was going to be my life for the rest of my life.

So some of my symptoms were diarrhea, gas, bloating, food in tolerances, not being able to enjoy eating out, cramping, and I like to call them spastic colon attacks. I was probably at my worse maybe having those like twice a week, extremely painful. They would be give me shaking, and sweating. And I mean, like I said, just pain, like my roommates would be concerned for me when I was really – when I was not doing well. And I also woke up every morning with stabbing pains in my stomach. It was just part of my life, and I just dealt with it, and that’s what it was.

And so, enter Plexus. I was pregnant with my son. I was very sick. I kind of gotten my symptoms somewhat under control just with diet and exercise a little bit, but I still was not doing good. And when I got pregnant with my son, something happened and my hormones went nuts or – I don’t know. And everything came back as bad as it was when I was in college.

And so, my good friend, Carrie, just asked me how my pregnancy was and I was honest with her and said I was miserable. So she said, “Why don’t you give Plexus a try?” And, you know, I was a bit nervous because I was pregnant and I didn’t know what this was about and I didn’t know anything about it. So I talked to my OB, and we talked it over, and I decided. I was like, “I’m just going to try the Probiotic and see what happens.”

So after the second morning of taking the Probiotic, I woke up for the first time in 20 years without stabbing pains in my stomach. It was amazing. And that’s when I really knew I have found something special with Plexus.

Then after my son was born, I got the approval from his doctor and my doctor to go ahead and start the whole Triplex. And that’s when I started the Slim and the Bio Cleanse. And the Slim was amazing. It gave me so much energy. And I, you know, had a 6-week-old baby and didn’t need a nap in the middle of the day. I mean, it was – it was amazing. It was wonderful. So it was really great.

So I’m really glad. Plexus has been such a blessing to my life and it’s literally taken my IBS away, like I don’t have any more symptoms anymore, you know, I don’t have the diarrhea, the gas, the bloating, and I don’t have spastic colon attacks anymore.

I – and I think the big thing for me is like I can get up in the morning and not feel, you know, this awful stabbing pain. It was a horrible way to start my morning, and I thought it was my life, and I thought that’s what I was going to have to do. And Plexus really saved me from that, which is amazing.

So thank you so much for listening today. And if you have any questions, please reach out to your sponsor that added you in on this group and – or you can certainly ask me any questions, especially if you have any questions about IBS.

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